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Brewvine: Peninsula Cellars ‘Homework is Done’ Happy Hour

The first full week of classes after winter break can be a big adjustment for students and their teachers but on Old Mission Peninsula is helping educators “adjust” every Sunday during the school year by hosting their “homework is done” happy hour.

“Teachers are welcome to come enjoy discounted snacks and food and glasses of wine and sort of share war stories and enjoy each other’s company,” said operations director Caitlin Hammond.

You would think that school is last place teachers would want to be on the weekend but has a fun way of enticing educators to this 124 year old schoolhouse-turned-tasting room.

“We usually get a lot of educators who come in because it’s an old schoolhouse and they do share a lot of fun back and forth stories,” she said. “So it’s completely informal, just a fun time, an afternoon where you can just come, relax, bring the papers to grade if you want if your homework is not finished.”

Instructors can drink a variety of wines, ciders and even some non-alcoholic offerings but the cellar’s schoolhouse inspired blends are sure to earn an A+ from any professor’s palate.

“We have single varietal wines, Rieslings, pinot noir, merlot, cab franc and we also have some really fun blends that the schoolhouse inspired like Homework and Detention, Pop Quiz, Exchange Student, some of those schoolhouse inspired wines so there’s everything you could want from sweet wines to dry wines we have some hard ciders available as well and some fortified wines,” said Hammond.

You may even get a bit of a history lesson as you enjoy your “detention” in this beautiful old schoolhouse.

“The schoolhouse has a lot of the original features from 1896 when it was built so the maple floors that we’re standing on are original, the slate chalkboards behind us and around the room those are original to the building, the windows, the light fixtures, some of the wainscoting,” she said. “There’s a lot of history here so it’s really fun to have teachers come in here and see what life could have been like.”

A great venue and a fun way to say thank you to educators everywhere.

“We wanted to honor them and celebrate those people that aren’t celebrated nearly enough in our community and we have so many great educators for our children here in the community, all over the state, all over the country,” she said.