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Amazing Northern Michigan Homes: Skegemog Point

It’s a tiny peninsula with some real history.

It was once used as a boy’s camp and as a stop on a ferry route but now it’s a year-round residence.

Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson show you around Skegemog Point for this week’s Amazing Northern Michigan Homes.

“There’s a quite an estate here from boat house to the main home,” said real estate broker for Re/Max Don Fedrigon. “Three bedrooms, we have the chapel which is also an efficiency apartment and then a guest bedroom and bath in the garage area.”

Two lakes, divided by two acres, plus four buildings…it’s a math formula that equals a beautiful piece of property in Grand Traverse County.

“This is Skegemog Point,” he said. “It was formerly a boy’s camp in the summer back in the 30’s and 40’s and just a gorgeous piece of property.”

Once a summer camp, this now four-season family home has a cozy, rustic charm with incredible views of the surrounding lakes and great amenities for the avid duck hunter or fisherman.

“This is the very tip of the point so you’ve got a lot of nice things to view, from boats going by to water fowl,” said Fedrigon. “The living area is all on one level. Each of the two guest bedrooms both have fireplaces and you have the main stone fireplace here in the living area. Just a nice flow and beautiful surroundings. It’s got a very up north feel to it. A lot of wood, knotty pine, stone fireplaces, just a gorgeous hunting lodge – family retreat.”

And if you’re out of town visitors need a place to spend the night, there is plenty of space in the one of a kind guest house.

“So a remnant from the boy’s camp is the chapel which they use as an efficiency apartment,” he said. “It’s got a kitchen in it now and just a couple of feet away from Elk Lake.”

Living at the tip of this peninsula will have you echoing the states’ motto.

“If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”

Fedrigon says “you’ve got sandy beaches on Skegemog and Elk side. So best of both worlds. Sunrises, sunsets. We’ve got almost a quarter of a mile frontage on both lakes combined.”

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