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Hook & Hunting: DNR Works to Bring Arctic Grayling Back to MI

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is working to bring Arctic grayling back to the state of Michigan.

The Oden Fish Hatchery in Emmet County is preparing to house Arctic grayling in hopes to have a strong population in Michigan again.

The fish was last seen in Michigan over 100 years ago, and because of changes to the environment like added bridges and dams, the population diminished.

Over the next three years, the DNR hopes to prove that these fish are safe and will do well in Michigan waters.

“The whole thing is to try to develop self-sustaining populations that are able to reproduce and keep their populations, so we can bring them back to the state and we’re not just trying to stock and people catch them, but so they’re part of the ecosystem,” said Dan Sampson, Site Manager of Oden Fish Hatchery.

The project was supported through grants and donations by private donors.