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Hook & Hunting: Conservation Group Fishing for Volunteers to Help Protect Lake Sturgeon

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Spring means spawning season for lake sturgeon.

A conservation group is fishing for volunteers to help protect the lake sturgeon species. 

The Black Lake Chapter of Sturgeon for Tomorrow and the DNR say they need hundreds of volunteers to help them stand guard along the Black River in Cheboygan.

During the spawning season, black lake sturgeon move to shallow waters where they become an easy target for poachers.

Volunteers will work in shifts and report suspicious activity along the river during spawning season.

Sturgeons of Tomorrow says it’s necessary to help the growth of Michigan lake sturgeon.

“Sturgeon is one of the most iconic species we have in the Great Lakes. It is the largest of all species. The problem we have with them is that with the longevity of their life, it also takes a long time to come into their spawning cycle and replenish themselves. And if they’re poached illegally, it really diminishes the population and hurts our chances of keeping the species thriving,” said Jason Woiderski, vice president of Sturgeon for Tomorrow.

Volunteers will have the chance to camp along the Black River and see black sturgeon up close.

Spawning season lasts from mid-April through July.

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