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Hook & Hunting: Charlevoix Launches Online Form to Report Deer Activity

The city of Charlevoix is trying to come up with a way to address what many consider an overpopulation of deer.

For the past two years, Charlevoix has seen an increase in the deer population.

They have made their way into the city and subdivisions, and are becoming a real nuisance. 

So the city decided to put a section on their website for residents to report deer activity in the city.

They say it’s a good way to start solving this problem.

“What we feel is that this survey is the first step to having actionable data to say ‘yes, we had 12 reports this week,’ or something like that. We really need to understand what the contacts are and those kind of things before we do anything else,” said Charlevoix City Manager Mark Heydlauff.

For information on how to report deer activity in Charlevoix, .