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Hook & Hunting: Bass Fishing Season is Here

Bass fishing season kicked off last week and there are a few things to know before casting a line.

You’ll find bass in weed beds around docks and since they do not school like other fish, it’s important to move locations on the lake to increase your chances of catching one.

When it comes to bait, both live and artificial bait work well for anglers looking to snag a bass.

The experts at Lyman’s On The Lake say it all comes down to how you use your bait.

“It’s the fisherman. There’s people that know how to use the bait. You have to know how to use the bait that you have at the end of your line. Whether it’s a top water or whether it’s a crank bait you’re using, know how to use the lure. Know how those bass respond to it.

The Northern Michigan Children’s Assessment Center is hosting a bass fishing tournament this Saturday at 7 am on Houghton Lake.

Admission is $100 per boat.

All proceeds will go to help stop child abuse.