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Lawmaker Works to Lower Hunting Age on Public Land to 10 Years Old

A local lawmaker wants to lower the age for hunting on public land with a firearm to 10 years old.

Right now, children 10 through 13 years old can hunt with a gun on private property, if they’re with an adult.

A bill introduced by state representative Triston Cole would change that, and would also let the age group hunt deer, bear, and elk on public land.

Supporters say it fixes an oversight, since youth hunters can already hunt on private land open to the public, but not other public land.

And it expands opportunities.

“I think it’s a good thing as long as their supervised with a parent. I have no problem with it. I think kids tend to get more into hunting cause right now kids aren’t into it as much. I did it with my kids and it worked out great with them and now my kids are 20 and 18 that’s all they like to do is hunt and fish so it keeps them off the video games keeps them out of trouble,” Mark Lewis said.

The bill overwhelmingly passed the State House and now heads to the Senate.