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Hook & Hunting: New Online Form to Report Dead Fish to DNR

The DNR has a making it easier for people to report the dead fish that they find to the DNR.

In the past, fishermen reported dead fish by calling in to the nearest DNR location with the species of the fish and the number dead.

Now they have an online form that can be submitted using a computer, or even your cell phone.

The DNR hopes this new process is going to be quicker for anyone that is reporting quantities of dead fish.

“It’s a little bit more convenient for people to do it on their phone and not have to call us, or if they are somewhere where they don’t get good service. It also asks the questions that we would ask. If we think it is a problem for that lake, we will certainly contact them,” said Mark Toneelo, DNR fisheries biologist.

The DNR says you can still call in your concerns with dead fish, but they are giving you the option to submit the