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Bitter Cold Temperatures Keeping Some From Enjoying Ice Fishing

The bitter cold temperatures are actually keeping some avid ice fishermen from getting on the ice.

Some of the people we talked to in Lake City Thursday said it’s just too cold and windy to go out on the ice.

But there is good news: These cold temperatures and a good snow melt before the cold have help create a good base of ice.

Some lakes are even seeing upwards of 10-12 inches of ice already.

Bait and tackle shops have some good advice to make sure you’re safe when you go out on the ice.

“A lot of people, when the first ice comes, they get in a hurry. I have heard of a few people who have gone through the ice this year,” said Stewart Hamel at Millers Corner. “Spud every step. Throw the spud as hard as you can every step until you get to your hole, then you know. It don’t pay. Ain’t no fish worth dying for.”

The Michigan DNR also reminds you that no ice is safe ice, and to always use caution and have safety measures in place when out on the ice.