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Hook and Hunting: Deer Check Stations Stay Busy on Second Day of Firearm Season

With the weather a little more cooperative, DNR Deer Check Stations were much busier on the second day of firearm season.

There was a line of trucks at the Alpena checkpoint; a lot of successful hunters some with multiple bucks waiting in line to get tagged.

Hunters say the rain on Wednesday may have prevented them from getting a deer, but Thursday was much different, especially for a Wilson Township man who harvested his first ever.

“I saw it coming out of the woods, I looked in the scope, I said yep this is the one I’m going to get today, so I took the safety off and got it. [It was] really exciting,” Nicholas Samp, said.

Samp says he has one tag left and plans on going back out there on Friday to try and get buck number two!