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Hooking and Hunting: Ice Fishing Safety

With temperatures plunging, anglers itching to do some ice fishing might want to wait a while.

The DNR says right now it has not been long enough to head out to most lakes and rivers.

But if you do, they recommend you check for crackings that you can hear and see.

They say if you can, check it by drilling into the ice to see how thick it is or test it by shallow areas so you don’t fall in.

 “People shouldn’t venture out on the ice just yet. The conditions have not been sustainable for good ice yet. You’re going to want to make sure there is a substantial amount of good ice before you wander out, and we just haven’t had cold enough weather for that yet,” says Brandon Kieft, DNR.

The DNR recommends you bring ice picks, rope and a floating device if you do head out.