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Northern Michigan Taxidermy Shops Stay Busy During Firearm Deer Hunting Season

Taxidermy shops in Northern Michigan say they really see the impact of firearm deer hunting season.

With hunters hitting the woods till November 30, many taxidermists have been busy throughout the day.

Legends Taxidermy in Scottville says once the end of October hits, the amount of deer that come into their shop really increases.

That makes work all hands on deck skinning and keeping up with local deer.

They say this week’s warm weather is bringing deer in faster.

“Last few days all we’ve been doing is skinning. We don’t really have to put other work out this week of the year, it’s just everybody skinning, turning and keeping up with the local deer. The weather’s been a little warm. That’s getting guys to bring them in quicker,” says Jamie Flewelling, president of Legends Taxidermy.

Legends says they expect to get busier as the season moves forward.