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First Week Of Deer Season Underway In Benzie County

Deer hunting season started less than a week ago for archers and bow hunters say they’re already optimistic about the season.

Dave Rommell, owner of Big Bob’s Up North Outfitters in Frankfort says this season hunters, including himself, are seeing an advantage to the three point restriction.

Explaining they’ve seen and shot better quality deer compared to previous years.

He says, “I ended up shooting a nice eight-point one of my other employees shot a nice eight as well, both a couple of the bigger deer we’ve shot in our lives. A lot of people have a lot of trail cam pictures so even though they’re not killing them yet they’re in the area, they’re seeing them, everybody’s pretty excited.”

Rommell says because it’s still warm the deer haven’t been as active, but once it cools down he believes they will be a lot easier to spot.