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Future Salmon Stocking Meeting Next Week In Ludington

The future of Lake Michigan salmon stocking depends on a meeting that will take place next week in Ludington

Right now the DNR is looking at a 50 percent reduction in salmon stocking for 2017.

Anglers say their proposal comes from trying to find a balance between the predator prey ecology of the lakes

DNR is considering a chinook salmon stocking reduction and are reviewing the lake trout population before decisions are made,

They want to hear what the anglers and the public have seen in their fishing trips.

“We want the public to be involved in the process, to know what is going on and we want their thoughts and opinions on what they are seeing out there as they fish,” says Scott Heintzelman, DNR Unit Manager Central Lake Michigan.

The meeting will take place Wednesday September 7 at 6:30pm in Ludington city hall.

It will be open to the public.