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Trout In Baldwin Hiding From Warm Surfaces

While bass fish are biting for fisherman in Baldwin – the brown trout have not been this summer.

With water temperatures in the 60’s, the trout are forced to retreat further down into the water, where temperatures are more comfortable, allowing them to conserve their energy.

However, for fly anglers this makes it harder for them to catch trout, seeing as they try to catch fish on the surface without bait.

“A lot of fisherman we get here are guide fly fisherman. A lot of them come from all over the country and they prefer to dry fly fish over live bait or lures or even nips and steamers which are an underwater fly pattern. They want to do the dry fly thing and there has not been much activity with it,” says George Tharp, Ed’s Sport Shop

When fishing for trout, anglers are advises to fish at night when the waters start to cool down.