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Hook & Hunting: Natural Resources Commission Discusses Deer Season Success and Chumming

The Natural Resources Commission met Thursday to discuss a variety of topics.

The meeting in Gaylord included the discussion into the 2015 deer survey and potential chumming regulations. 

It was mostly good news for the 2015 hunting season.

There were fewer licenses bought, but hunters saw a nearly 1% increase in success.

There is also another call to put regulations on chumming.

Those for it say it means more fish caught and encourages people to visit.

Others say it’s not fair to those who don’t bait.

"The issue isn’t so much the action of chumming although there are some folks that don’t agree with it all, but the issue seems to be there are some cases where there seems to be extreme use," NRC Chair John Matonich said.

The Natural Resources Commission says they may not make a decision Thursday night and table it until the next meeting so they can hear from more people.