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Shooters Indoor Gun, Archery Range Sees Increase In Holiday Sales

From socks to Glocks, has been stocking up with Christmas presents for hunters. 

Shooters started to notice an increase in gun sales after Black Friday, especially for the smaller conceal carry guns.

And this year people are buying guns and accessories, like purses with built in holsters.

Shooters says they are seeing a lot more parents buying bows and rifles for their children.

They say it’s a way to spend quality time with them outdoors and spark an interest in hunting.

“I think it’s trying to bring families back together. It’s a great thing to do in the outdoors is share that shooting sport. With the bow side, it’s easily something that we can do in our backyards, but with the guns and stuff it gives them a way to come in and they can actually practice here, and like I say, it just builds comradery,” says Shooters general manager Bill Freet.

And if you’re looking for some stocking stuffers for the hunter on your list, things like gift certificates and time on the gun range have been big sellers.