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Hook and Hunting : Busy Season Begins For Charter Fishing Companies

Charter fishing companies are starting to book trips.

It’s off to a great start in this week’s Hook and Hunting report.

That’s right, Big Kahuna Charters in Traverse City says they already had one charter go out in April.

Which is early for them compared to the last couple of years.

They say a good variety of fish were caught on that trip.

From lake trout to brown trout and even a cisco.

They’re just starting to get to the busy season but with the warm weather they have already had a lot of calls to book trips.

“I think that this season is going to be spectacular. The last two or three years have just been continually getting better and i expect the same thing this year. The fishing has just been unbelievable, better than I’ve ever seen. “

He says they were averaging bigger fish the last two years than they had the last 25 years.

The fish are still spread out in the deeper water right now making them harder to find but they can still be found.