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Savory Veggie Corn Chowder

With cooler temperatures back for at least a few days, maybe you’re craving a cup of warm soup.

Chef Hermann is teaching you how you can make a pot of veggie corn chowder at home.

Ladies and gentlemen, we melted our butter, medium heat. Celery, nicely chopped. Corn and my onions, a little celery and some carrots, ok? Vegetable corn chowder. I want to sautž this for about a minute, ok? In the butter. Soften it and then we add our liquid, first our whole wheat flour and then our liquid and then let it cook for about 15 minutes, easy to do! Alright ladies and gentlemen. We saluted this beautiful concoction, we have our celery, our onions, our carrots and the corn. I’m using whole wheat flour here. Now there’s 2 ways to make this ladies and gentlemen, got the rouž, there’s 2 ways, vegetable stock or chicken stock. You might want to make it totally vegetarian, alright? I have a little chicken stock here, because chef likes the chicken flavor, but if you like to make it totally vegetarian, no problem. And then I have a little whole milk and voila! We want to use a whisk to whisk the roux in to our mixture. We know we need a little salt, a little cayenne pepper, to give it a little oomph! There you go! I have a little green onions and we let that boil for about 15 minutes and see how it thickens up and finish it off with a little butter and maybe a little cream if you want to. Beautiful vegetable corn chowder. Now, I put a little chicken stock, of course, but remember, you can put vegetable stock and have a total vegetarian delight here. You know, spring is coming, but soup is always good! Of course the chef made a mistake here. Mistakes cannot be tolerated. I have a little spring onions and parsley on top and voila! A beautiful soup! see you next, have fun! I do! bye, bye!

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